Welcome to our January Newsletter!

Happy New Year my dear Yogis and Yoginis!!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. I certainly enjoyed my trip to Russia, but now cannot wait to get back to a more active and healthy lifestyle! 🙂 The group has grown so much since it started 9 months ago, so I am happy to grow and expand the timetable to suit more of our members, with new exciting classes, new styles of yoga and new class times.

Therefore, I wanted to share with you some news on what to expect in January and beyond from Affordable Yoga:

  1. New regular weekend classes starting in January
  2. New intermediate level yoga class on Wednesday evenings
  3. New CORE strengthening classes
  4. New Yoga styles (addition of Power Yoga, Vinyasa flow and Yin Yoga workshops)

And a very special announcement!!! The long awaited upcoming Affordable Yoga Winter Ski/Snowboard retreat in the French Alps has now been announced:

Please check this link for more details:


For more details about the new timetable additions please read below:

1. New weekend classes starting from January onwards.


After the great success of the two weekend classes in December, I am delighted to announce regular weekend classes starting from (12th of January). These will be taking place at 35 Rue St. Roch (rooms will vary, so please check details for each of classes you would like to attend)

I have now created these events on meetup site so you can get all the details by following these links.

January 12th  – http://www.meetup.com/Affordable-Yoga-in-Paris/events/158646832/

January 19th  – http://www.meetup.com/Affordable-Yoga-in-Paris/events/158648772/

January 26th – http://www.meetup.com/Affordable-Yoga-in-Paris/events/158649142/

If there is continued demand, the weekends will go on in February and March…


If you also enjoy more intense workouts, there will be an opportunity to join our bootcamp style classes on weekend now! This class is for those who love yoga but are also keen to shed unwanted fat after the holidays! Its main focus is fat burning and toning of all muscle groups to make you look super lean.

The times and dates of these new classes will be conveniently arranged for those who would like to follow up their fitness workout with a yoga session.

For details please see this link:


2. New Intermediate Yoga class on Wednesday evenings.

Starting January 15th there will be a new Intermediate level yoga class added to our timetable. This class is a result of many of you asking for a specific class for those who are wishing to progress their yoga practice on a more advanced level. The class will follow a similar format (i.e. easy to follow pace and pauses between activities) but will include a series of more advanced postures and an element of progression for those who can attend on a regular basis. The class is suitable for all who have been practicing yoga for a period of time, feel confident about the basic yoga postures / technique and would like to challenge themselves further.

Details of the new classes here:


3. New addition – Specific CORE strengthening classes!

A mix of highly effective exercises from Yoga, Pilates and Fitness to specifically strengthen your abdominal and core areas.

A strong, flexible core underpins almost everything you do and making it stronger will not only improve your fitness levels but also can dramatically improve your quality of life and get rid of several health conditions, such as lower back pain. Yoga works and strengthens our core in every posture, however, for those who put an especially large demand on their core, such as spending large parts of their day sitting, – special added effort is needed on strengthening their core. I know this first hand, having worked in an office for 7 years during my corporate career. So I am very pleased to introduce this new type of class. I hope you enjoy it.

The classes will take place at 35 Rue St. Roch on Wednesdays at 18.00 (Just before the new intermediate class) and on Friday lunchtimes at 12.00 (before the yoga class). These classes can be taken separately or in combination with the yoga classes.

For more details about benefits of strengthening your core from the most trusted resources in health – Harvard Health Publications, please see the link below:


For more details on the new classes please see the event link:


4. New yoga style classes available as part of AffordableYoga offer.

And last, but not least…

I am pleased to announce that several new teachers will be joining Affordable Yoga in the new year. This will allow us to offer a wider variety of yoga styles and more classes in different areas and additional times to suit more of your needs.

Please look out for more details of the new classes and workshops in the coming weeks..

Thank you very much for taking your time to read this and I hope all or at least some of the new class times and events will help you to make yoga a more regular practice and the new additions to the timetable will add a bit of spice and variety to your healthy life practices. Wishing you a positive and beautiful start of the year and look forward to seeing you at the classes!

Warm wishes



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