As a business you get more with Affordable Yoga!

Having spent the last 8 years in a corporate career, I fully understand the needs and restrictions of a busy lifestyle of your teams and employees. And with this in mind I have created a unique ‘Corporate Wellbeing Programme’ which offers all the elements of a full scale employee wellbeing package, all fit into one hour per week and at a price of a regular yoga or fitness class! 

If you have a limited budget? Or limited time for your employees to take off work for team-building or health activities, you need not look any further. Affordable Yoga’s ‘Corporate Wellbeing Programme’ is the perfect solution. 

The programme includes:

  • Yoga and fitness classes
  • Educational workshops
  • Team challenges 
  • All underpinned by a series of concise handouts and short videos to make the knowledge easier to remember
Click below to view an example 6 month programme developed for one of our clients 

6 Month Team Wellbeing Programme – Example

Example 6 months Wellbeing Programme for one of our current client’s.


What is required to start the programme

It is very easy to start the programme.

What you need to provide:

  • Confirm a location for holding the weekly sessions (A room or an outdoor location (weather permitting)).
  • Chose one of the 3 funding formulas (outlined below)
  • Assign a contact for communication between Affordable Yoga and your organisation. All communication content, handouts, brochures and videos will be provided by us, we just need a responsible colleague to help us share it with your team and organisation internally.


Fixed fee of €200 per session. Calculated on the basis of €10 per employee – for a minimum group of 20. As we want to motivate you and more of your employees to take up the healthy lifestyle at work, – there is no price increase for groups of over 20 people (no maximum limit), so the more people join the classes, the better value it will be!!!  

A special discount is applied for longer term commitments. And we are always happy to discuss any special requests and to adapt to your financial circumstances and requirements. 

Funding formulas

We are happy to offer our corporate corporate clients financial flexibility through 3 following formulas:

1. Full funding – from the team or corporate budget. Official contract and payment plan established between Affordable Yoga and the organisation.

2. Partial funding – we are happy to accept partial subsidy payments from your organisation, with the rest of the fees collected directly from your employees via secure online payment system. 

3. Self funded by employees – If you are keen on introducing the wellbeing practices at work and have many willing colleagues who would like to benefit from lunchtime classes and the programme, we are happy to collect payment directly from you and your colleagues via a secure online payment system. All you need to provide is a venue for holding the classes. This can be an indoor or an outdoor (weather permitting) location. 

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