Friendly Yoga and Ski Retreat

March 2015 – Chamonix, France 

The Ultimate Ski Holiday for Beautiful Souls and Active Bodies…


Come and join us in Chamonix for a blissful week (or 2) of Yoga and Skiing or Snowboarding and healthy eating. 


I am delighted to invite you to the first Affordable Yoga Winter Retreat in the French Alps.

Set in one of the most jaw dropping places in the world, the Winter Yoga and Ski & Snowboard Retreat is a 7 day event filled with equal measures of relaxation and activity in the heart of the French Alps, Chamonix-Mont-Blanc.

Renowned as the adventure sports capital of Europe,  Chamonix-Mont-Blanc is an ideal place to enjoy the healing and invigorating energy of the mountains,  experience physical and mental exhilaration and joy doing your favourite snow sport, and reward your body and mind with the practice of yoga.

The unique combination of activity, relaxation and healthy nutritious food will ensure you come back feeling invigorated, full of energy and wonderful memories.

The retreat is open to all levels and abilities. Complete beginners are welcome. The classes are suitable for all and you will be given lots of alternatives to make sure everyone experiences the soothing energy of the classes.


Welcome each day with a rejuvenating yoga practice before you hit the slopes or enjoy your day in the valley doing one of the other numerous fun activities. And wind down with a deeply restorative session to help you relax.

Allow us to introduce you to a holistic way of holiday-making as well as take care of lodging, healthy diet, ski passes, equipment rental and your orientation in the resort so you can enjoy your perfect active holiday to the maximum, forge new friendships and pamper your body with a healthy active lifestyle.

Why go on a winter holiday in the mountains

Our bodies are designed to move. Biologically, we require continuous, regular motion. Yet, often in the winter months, we stay indoors, moving less and sitting more. Skiing / snowboarding satisfies our primal need for motion while reconnecting us with nature. Both novice and veteran skiers and snowboarders can attest to the physical and spiritual exhilaration of a day on the slopes.



Why do yoga on your winter holiday

Yoga is therapeutic. To get the most from your days on skis or a board, follow the wisdom of yogis and stretch those muscles before and after you tackle the mountain.

–  Doing yoga before a day of skiing or snowboarding – dramatically reduces your chances of injury, makes your joints more supple, your muscles more toned, and your mind more focused on control and performance.

– Doing yoga after your day of adventure – helps your body rejuvenate, restores energy reserves, speeds up your muscle recovery, reduces physical and mental tension, induces relaxation and promotes deep sleep, making you stronger both physically and mentally for the next day


The uniqueness of this retreat is in its overarching CONCEPT and philosophy.  

1. Price flexibility and affordability: Be in control of your costs. 

To make the retreat as affordable as possible we are offering different catering options so you can chose the package that is most suitable for you whilst enjoying the same core retreat experience.

  1. Relaxed and friendly atmosphere

The package includes a great programme of activities for you to enjoy. However, there is no pressure to participate in all of them. If you prefer to have a lazy morning and sleep in one day, or stay for an extended ‘apres-ski’ in the evening and miss a yoga session or breakfast or dinner – you are free to do so. It is your holiday to enjoy, make new friends and take advantage only of those services you need.

  1. The passionate and engaged service

Anna and Paul are not just your chalet hosts for the week, but 2 people passionate and knowledgeable about the mountains, snow sports and healthy lifestyle. They will be on hand to take care of all of your wishes for you, as well as share their knowledge about anything from yoga philosophy, healthy nutrition, health and safety in the snow, and their favourite places in the resort on and off the slopes. For more detail of services available see the relevant section below.

  1. The healthy lifestyle immersion and education

We strongly believe that a great holiday can become truly transformational if we can learn something new during it that can be transcended into our life back at home. Because of this there will be an opportunity for those who want to ask questions, learn through hands-on practice healthy cooking and eating. We will not only supply you with healthy meals, but will be ready to answer any questions on why and how these have been put together as well as give you a chance to practice cooking them as a group. Aa a special bonus every guest will receive a healthy eating recipe book to take home with them.


A true mountain chalet experience. Decorated to a high standard, it was beautifully renovated to offer comfortable and tastily appointed accommodation close to the centre of downtown Chamonix. It comes with a large open space lounge area where we will practice yoga with uninterrupted views of the mountains.


1. Yoga Winter Retreat with with salt catering in a shared room (with 1 or 2 others) – €635

2. Yoga Winter Retreat  with communal catering option – €670 + food (at cost price)

For more details of what is included in each package, please read below.


To make the retreat Affordable we are offering flexible package options.

What’s included in the €635 price.

Accommodation: Stay of 7 days (7 nights) Saturday to Saturday in a shared room (with 1 or 2 others) in a luxury chalet in Chamonix. (Single occupancy is available at a supplement of €250)

Yoga:  6 days of blissful yoga classes, run twice a day – Energising morning session – 60mins and relaxing evening session – 75mins

Hosts: Anna and Paul will be there to assist with all your needs on and off the slopes!

Welcome packs: Special retreat welcome packs will be given to each guest outlining everything you need to know about the retreat and the resort to help make your stay as smooth as possible.

Resort orientation: We will be happy to show you the best ski areas for your ability, advice on where to hire equipment etc any time throughout the week,. In addition to that – we will host a special ‘Yoga on the slopes’ session to show you our favourite runs in the valley on one day of the week and great yoga postures you can do in your snow gear just before you hit the slopes.

Communal Catering option supplement: €670 + cost of food. 

Communal catering

Following the same successful formula of the Summer Retreats, – to keep the price as affordable as possible we offer you to take part in the communal catering activities throughout your stay. 

What we provide – Fridge filling and menu planning service for the whole of your stay. Recipe book to take home for every participant.

We will design a special healthy, nutritious menu for 7 breakfasts and 6 dinners (Wednesday we will eat out). And will supply you with a beautiful recipe book with detailed cooking instructions and all the food ingredients needed to cook the meals.

What you provide – your initiative and help in preparing the meals together. We would ask for one or two people to volunteer each morning and evening to be responsible for cooking. That way you will all learn first hand how to cook a healthy meal (knowledge you can take away into your life back home) and considering the size of the group, will only have to cook for the group once or twice in the whole week and relax all the other days.

Costs involved in this option: 

  • Food at cost price (supplied by us) – all receipts will be provided
  • Service charge for fridge filling, recipe planning and cooking supervision (€20 per person for the 7 day retreat)
  • Your time to help with cooking.

Fully Catered package (€885) includes: 

If you prefer to just sit back and enjoy your evenings and leave the cooking to the professionals, we also offer a fully catered service at a fixed price of €250 per person.

Included in this option are: 

  • All the services from the package above


– 7 Breakfasts, 7 afternoon snacks, and 6 dinners cooked for you at the chalet.

Breakfasts: Delicious, nutritionally balanced, healthy breakfasts served every morning after yoga. Designed by Anna to nourish your body and mind, be healthy and highly nutritious, and give you sustained energy for your skiing or snowboarding all the way through lunch.

Afternoon Snacks: Best post-workout nutritious and healthy snacks available for you upon your return to the chalet.

Hot drinks throughout the day: The kitchen will be stocked with a healthy selection of infusions and teas for you to drink at your preference

Dinners: Highly nutritious, hearty gourmet vegetarian dinners and freshly brewed Ayurvedic infusions on 6 nights. (Local wines available on request)  (Wednesday is the chef’s night off, and we will be happy to recommend and book you one of the many great Chamonix Restaurants)

Whats’s NOT included in the price of the Packages:

Trains and flights – Nearest Airport is Geneva (60min drive), and the nearest train station is Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, which is only 5 min car drive or a 15min walk from the Chalet!

Transfers – Pick up and drop off to and from the Chalet from the train station or the airport. can be arranged separately.

Spa treatments – If you are looking for a special way to pamper yourself during the week, we are proud to offer indulgent spa treatment at the chalet, using 100% natural cosmetics from and Austrian brand ‘Styx’. These treatments have a warming, intensely slimming, deeply relaxing and uplifting effect and will prepared you perfectly for the evening yoga practice. (Please note: it is recommended to take these treatments after your hot-tub session as the cosmetics needs to stay on the skin to keep nourishing your skin).

Ski passes – If you would like to pre-order your ski pass, we can arrange for your ski passes to be available from your hosts at the chalet upon your arrival. (pre-pay necessary)

Insurance – please arrange your own insurance if desired.

Ski/snowboard equipment hire – Information on best places to hire will be available in your welcome packs

Ski/snowboard lessons – Information on ski/snowboard schools will be available in your welcome packs

Supply of yoga mats – please bring your own mats if you have them. If you do not have one, it is possible to reserve one for us to purchase at €20 each.


Instant online booking to guarantee your place!
Book online by following this link



“Wonderful rejuvenating experience. Anna is
very knowledgeable and knows how to make us
work our bodies efficiently but also humanely.
her yoga classes are great for all levels.”
Karina, 8 juil. 2013
Fabuously well organised – delicious meals,
relaxing surroundings, expert advice on health
and well-being, and with time left over for fun,
relaxing and creativity. Totally Excellent. Looking
forward to next time. Thank you Anna for taking
such good care of us.”
Denise Green, 10 juin 2013
“It was an amazing week. I feel I
took more knowledge home and met
some beautiful people. Thank you Anna
for organizing this event!”
Maria, 9 juin 2013
“A very cool week
Thank you, Anna for :
– giving me the chance to meet friendly
and inspiring new people
– making me want to wake up at 7 am on
a Monday morning and do yoga (which I
did !)
– the tan with which I show off at work
And thanks everybody for just being
there. A la prochaine!”
Oana, 11 juin 2013
“Awesome. Anna is great – so glad I made the
decision to go (and then didn’t let myself get
caught up with work).”
Melissa, 7 juil. 2013
“Thank you for organizing the yoga
escape week .
Great place , great people, great time ,
great work out.”
David, 10 juin 2013
“Wonderful great program lovely group of
people loved it!!
Laura Friezer, 11 juin 2013


If you have a few questions before you make up your mind please get in touch!!

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