I am very grateful for all the interest and enthusiasm for Affordable Yoga Project you have expressed. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have and I will try my best to be prompt with my responses. However, to save you time waiting for your enquiry to be answered, here is a list of the most frequently asked questions I have gathered over the time. I hope one of them answers your question. 

I am a beginner, which classes would be most suitable for me to attend? 

The classes are suitable for all levels so beginners are very welcome. The only class that is currently not recommended for beginners is 18.45 Yoga class on Wednesdays. (it is an intermediate level class). The rest are easily adoptable for beginners and those completely new to yoga. 

Where and When is the next class?

For the most up-to-date timetable please check the following two links:

  1. For a simple and concise visual timetable in PDF format, which has the address or meeting point details, information about the style of each yoga and fitness class, as well as the teacher running each of the sessions please check

http://affordable-yoga.com/2013/03/18/yoga-and-fitness-classes/  – then click on ‘Affordable Yoga Timetable’. That way if I update the timetable, the link will always lead you to the newest document. 

2. Or for more detail about each class location, meeting point as well as more in-depth detail about the class style, facilities, and what to bring with you etc..please check our calendar on Meetup:


How can I pay for my class?

We currently accept payments in cash or by cheque, which you can make directly at the class when you arrive. Please make cheques payable to Anna Khuade.

Do you offer discounts if I pre pay for many classes?

Yes. We offer a 10 class pass for €45 (instead of €50). It does not expire and can be used by you or passed onto your friends partners or family members. Although it carries €5 value per each session, – It can also be used as credit towards higher value weekend classes, retreats and other events organised by Affordable Yoga. 

You can buy these passes online via the following link: 


or by enquiring at the class in person. 

What is the difference between the styles of yoga you have on offer?

We currently have styles of yoga on offer..

Hatha Yoga – in this style of yoga the focus is on being in a posture, improving and progressing in each of them separately and connecting with the feelings and sensations around the body while you are holding the posture. So the postures are mostly done separately from one another and there is usually a small pause to relax between each of them. Each class is always slightly different to introduce variety, but those who come regularly will be able to progress in the key postures that are foundation of the style. There is always a mix of standing postures, balance work and floor based postures. We always start and finish with a guided relaxation in savasana.

Vinyasa flow – in this class the emphasis is on linking the movements together into a harmonious flow of postures. It is dynamic yet soft in nature, but relaxation is often reserved to the end of the session. Equally the classes always vary but build on core postures do develop strength an flexibility.

What is the difference between the types of classes you have on offer?

For a detailed description of all the class styles, please see the link below: 


What kind of mat is suitable for yoga and where can I get one?

 A yoga specific mat (which is usually longer and is less slippery) as the fitness mats are very tricky to do yoga on and can be a little bit unstable. Shops where you can get suitable mats are: ‘Nature et Decouverte’, or any ‘Go Sport’ or decathlon shop will have some yoga mats.  

What kind of mats do you provide? And how do I request one?

These are yoga specific mats and are made of non toxic Eco materials. They are 183cm length x 63cm width and 4mm thickness available in a range of colours. Usually I can bring you a mat in a specific colour if you give me notice at least before 10am on the same day of the class, however in the summer months this changes. Please read below in more detail…

IMPORTANT NOTE: Mat sales during the summer seasonAs I will not be teaching any of the summer classes, I would not be able to bring mats for sale to each class, however I have left the current batch with one of the instructors (Paul) who will have them available on request basis only. Please give the following notice:

– Min 24 hours notice if you can collect the mat at the wednesday evening bootcamp classes at 19.30

– Min 2 days notice if you wish the mat to be available at any other classes during the week or weekend. (studio based only)

– Mats will not be available on the 16th July as Paul will be away

– After 26 July, the mats will only be available to collect at the Wednesday evening bootcamp classes. (19.30).

So if you would like to purchase a mat, please message Paul Martin 

http://www.meetup.com/Affordable-Yoga-in-Paris/members/70291462/ and he will be happy to bring one to you for his Wednesday class or leave it for other teachers to get to you for the other studio based classes.  (And it will also be a good excuse to try an outdoor class with him!) 🙂 

Do I have to have a mat if I just want to try yoga to see if I like it?

It’s not necessary to have a mat to attend a class. It is suggested purely for your comfort, but it is possible to practice yoga on the floor or with a towel or blanket for padding. So if you would like to try the class before investing in a mat, you are welcome to do so. (Also sometimes there may be some spare second hand mats in the room that you could borrow available on first come first served basis)

Can I bring a friend / several friends with me who are not part of the meetup group?

Yes, all friends and guests are very welcome, even though they have not signed up on meetup. The meetup sight is just a tool to let people know about the classes and you don’t have to be part of the group to attend.

Do I have to always sign up on meetup to attend the classes?

No. You are welcome to come to any class without signing up. If you decide last minute that you would like to attend any of the sessions, please do not worry that you haven’t signed up and feel free to join us. In general, meetup site is useful to find out the times and to learn more detail about the classes. But once you have memorised the timetable, you are very welcome to just attend the classes without having to log in and sign up each time. Signing up can be useful for two things: 1 To get reminders about the classes so you can put them in your diary. 2. It happens very rarely, but sometimes some changes to the timetable are inevitable, so signing up to the class on meetup, will guarantee that you get notified in case of any changes to the session you are attending. 

How can I reserve my place for the classes? 

Affordable Yoga operates a ‘no reservation policy’. So everyone is free to come to any classes without prior booking. There are not limits on how many people can sign up to each class, because the classes are open to all to attend on a first come first served basis (however,  It is very rare for us not to be able to fit in all people into the studio and so everyone would usually get a chance to take part.)

The number of people signed up for the class looks quite high. Can I still come? Will there be enough space? What is the room capacity?

Yes. Please do not be deterred by the high numbers of the people signed up. Firstly, the usual rooms we use for the classes are quite big and can fit in up to 42 people and about 35 comfortably. Secondly, the number of people signed up is not usually an accurate indication of how many people will actually be at the class. So it may be a lot less in reality. And from the experience to date, the cases where we have had no space for people were very rare, everyone usually fits in.

So please ignore the fact that there may be high numbers of people signed up to the class you would like to attend. As long as you arrive a few minutes in advance (or even a few minutes late) and find yourself a space, we will be happy to accept you. 

Is there a maximum limit for each class?

Although there are physical safety limits (which vary for each class), – Affordable Yoga classes do not operate a subscription or sign up limit. This is based on the following philosophy:   

  • I would like to give everyone who wants to practice yoga, an equal chance to attend and so I do not restrict the ability to join the classes to only those that had a chance to sign up online (i.e. we do not require people to book in advance to be able to attend.)
  • We currently do not take advance payment for any classes and hence cannot reserve and guarantee anyone’s place.
  • It is, hence, much easier (and stress-free) to manage the attendance on a ‘First Come – First Served’ basis. Which means – everyone is welcome to come to a class and we will try to fit in all, however in some exceptional circumstances (it happened only a couple of times in the last 16months) there might be a chance that the class is full. 
  • On the other hand – if we limit the number of attendees for each class there is a risk of two things happening:
  1. The people on the attendee list do not attend and do not change their RSVP (which happens a lot, and I understand that everyone’s plans change)
  2. As a result the people on the  waiting list to not get a chance to attend as it was either too short notice or no notice at all.

Conclusion – If we hold spaces for anyone, and place some people on the waiting list, there is a risk that some people would not get a chance to attend and  a class only being half full due to others pulling out at last minute, so please ignore the fact that there may be high numbers of people signed up to the class you would like to attend. As long as you arrive a few minutes in advance (or even a few minutes late) and find yourself a space, we will be happy to accept you. 



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